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New possibilities for the humble email

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Email Improvements

Email communication is as important as ever for reaching out to your existing clients and future prospects. From templates, embedded images to open and link tracking we think you will enjoy how we improved your email.

Email Composer

1. Select a Template

Select from available templates

2. Attach documents

Select from existing documents or upload a new document.

3. CC & BCC email fields

4. Test your email message

Quickly test by sending the message to yourself.

5. Advanced Options

Toggle open & link tracking. Set images to be embedded into the image.


Templates make it much easier to ensure a consistant brand experience for your customers. We provide you with a great WYSIWYG editor to create templates straight from your browser, or you can upload your designs as a zip file. You can personalise each template with mail merge fields making each message unique.

Selecting a Template

Open & Link Tracking

We support embeddeding images inside of your emails - helping you avoiding the 'click here to download images' message. Also open tracking and link tracking so you can get notifications when a recipient opens their email or clicks on a link.

Ensuring Delivery

Behind the scenes we use to power our email delivery.

Personalise your emails

When you address someone by name they are naturally more inclined to listen to you. By personalising your emails you can get this same benefit. You can design email messages that feel like they were individually written by you, this inspires trust and builds relationships.

You can select from contact fields such as the person's first name, last name and many others.

mail merge fields

Delivery Reports

Ensuring delivery is an important part of what we offer as a service. The email report is a detailed guide to your delivery rates, we let you see which emails bounced, blocked or were unsubscribed. The report also lets you see any spam reports lodged against your campaigns.

When an email is reported as spam or unsubscribed we automatically remove that contact from any future email actions.

Delivery Reports

Why did my email bounce?

The most common reason for an email to bounce is because the email address doesn't exist. The report gives you the information we recieved from the smtp server.

bounced emails

Email Templates

Template help ensure you have a consistant brand experience across your messages.
Our WYSIWYG editor gives you a rich editing experience. We will host any images free of charge.

You can also upload templates (including images) as a zip file. This is a great time saver!


email editor


Advanced Features

Power users will be able to take advantage of some of our more advanced features

  • Restrict access with user permissions
  • Web to Templates
  • Master / Subcopies

Open Tracking

How does it work?

When you enable open tracking, we place a small 1x1px gif in the end of your message. When the recepient opens the message and downloads the image we register the action on our servers.

How will I be notified?

By default we will show the opened event in the contacts messages section, You can also use triggers if you wish to perform more complex actions upon clicks.

Link Tracking

Link tracking gives you greater insight into how people are interacting with your email messages. By tracking who clicked on which link you can start to personalise future messages based on their actual behaviour

How does it work?

We swap out your links for ones that points to our servers. When the link is clicked we register the click and redirect the user to the original destination. It is so quick most people don't even notice.