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A group is a collection of contacts in If you are into marketing you would probably call these simply 'lists'. You can treat a group just like an individual contact: You can send emails, add actions and setup campaigns.

Group Page

Group Page

1. Group Info

Group name & description, edit options.

2. Contact Members

List all of the contacts which are in the group, select individual contacts to remove.

3. Actions, Messages & Delivery

You can schedule ad-hoc emails, read messages that have already been sent and find delivery reports.

4. Remove Contacts

If you have selected some contacts you can remove from this LHS menu.

Joining a Group

There are quite a few different ways to create or join a group in saleslifecycle. You can manage group membership from almost anywhere we show your contacts.


If you want to succeed in sales & marketing you need build high quality leads. Customers check their inboxes every day all day. There are lots of challenges in getting it right - but email marketing is still one of the most effective means of generating new leads today.

But i'm sure I don't need to sell you on the importance of email marketing.

We can't guarantee easy success or write your emails for you...
But we can give you some important tools to make your job easier.

Centralised Contacts

Too often the marketing department have their own list of contacts and the sales people are maintaining their own. By bringing both departments under the one system you not only save headaches but you can avoid embarrassing situations.

Managing List

The bane of marketing is looking after your various lists of contacts, these carefully selected segments and the like. In we call these 'groups'. Learn more about groups.

Handling Unsubscriptions

Make sure you don't fall foul of the law! We make handling unsubscriptions easy. Learn more.

Nurturing your customers

Most prospects are not ready to buy right now, but may make purchase in the near future. Nurturing is about helping the buyer in learning about potential solutions to their problems. When done well, nurturing your leads can create strong loyalty to you so that when they decide to make a decision you are 'top of mind'.

How do I Start?

The first step is the hardest, and that is understanding your customer. What questions do they have? What is important to them? Where are they in the learning process?


The next step is building profiles of the different types of customers and then segmenting based on these profiles. Each segment will have different needs and face different issues.

Start Simply

Pick a specific segment to start with, send a simple call to action message. Note any outcomes from the email and make adjustments.

Build Upon Success

Ultimately this becomes a numbers game, which templates worked best? Which had the worst unsubscribe rate? Set some personal goals in terms of CTR & opening rates.

Managing Subscriptions

In most countries now laws have been passed which require any commerical email to have a clear unsubscribe link in the message. We have made it easy to add a unsubscribe link in your emails or template just type UNSUBSCRIBE (all capitals) and we will swap this for a unsubscribe link.

When someone clicks on the link we present the following form.



The contact is then marked as unsubscribed and any future emails will be dropped.