SMS Features

SMS Messages are perfect for appointment reminders, competitions and time sensitive promotions.

sms marketing

Studies have shown that SMS is still one of the most widely used applications on phones today. SMS messages not only also enjoy very high opening rates but they are also a largely untapped marketing opportunity.

SMS can facilitate transactional messages, reminders for meetings or short thank you messages that add class.

SMS Action

Simple and Easy to use

Schedule an SMS to be sent automatically or just send it straight without having to leave the page.

SMS Templates

Just like email, we support SMS templates with mail merge fields. Create templates that you can reuse - saving lots of time and effort.

SMS Templates

Group Campaigns

Add SMS messages to your group campaigns. You can mix email and SMS messages in the same plan.

Competitively Priced

At only $0.10 AUD per message you can easily and affordably start a SMS campaign. When you signup we will give you 20 SMS credits to trial at no cost. (Credits are only available for first 30 days)

We have only just added SMS messaging to and we are excited to see what sort of impact this has on how you do business - whether your into marketing or sales.