Sales Focused

Designed to help you stay on target is designed to give salespeople an edge over their competition, empowering you to do more within your busy schedule.

Sales Focused

Sales Dashboard

Grab a coffee and look at the day ahead of you:

  • Are you on target for the next three months?
  • Are there enough prospects to make your target?
  • When is that next meeting scheduled?

The dashboard is designed to keep you on track.

You can see more about the Dashboard here.


Task Management

No one has too much time in their day and I doubt you are the exception. 'Keeping up' quickly becomes 'falling behind' if you can't manage your time effectively.

The task management system in was made to be as painless as possible. Allowing you to automate many tasks and perform others with ease.

Learn more about how we handle Tasks here.

Simple CRM Features

The CRM features are deliberately simple and easy to use.

All of your customer information in a neat and compact page

  • Contact Details
  • Phone Numbers & Addresses
  • Call history
  • Email messages
  • SMS messages
  • Document register
  • Deals/Opportunities
  • Contact Plans
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Notes

You can see more about the Contact page here.

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