Give yourself all of the Tools you need

Here is the big list of features - impressed? What we believe is more important than a long list is making sure these features are discoverable and usable. features

CRM System

At the core of the product is the CRM system.

  • Built for Small to Medium Businesses
  • Up to 10,000+ Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals/Opportunities
  • Supports multiple Territories
  • Custom Deal Reports
  • Sales Dashboard with Pipeline
  • Individual Sales Targets
  • Searchable Call History
  • Emails, Notes & Tags
  • Social media integration
  • Store Customer Documents
  • First class Search functions
  • Easy Customisation

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Task Management

Take down those post-it notes & start getting organised!

  • Quickly see how many tasks are overdue
  • Complete tasks in-line
  • Schedule Events, Calls, Emails & soon SMS
  • Add reminders to important tasks
  • Assign Tasks to other team members
  • Set task priorities (high, med & low)
  • Turn your sales processes into 'Plans'
  • Create plans for handling 'new leads'
  • Track completed tasks with the activity log
  • Add Powerful triggers

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Marketing Tools

Marketing so simple, salespeople can do it!

  • Create and maintain contact lists
  • Send ad-hoc group emails
  • Get delivery reports
  • Send on behalf of contact's primary account
  • Unsubscribe mechanism with feedback
  • Private & Public Groups
  • Search via Group Membership
  • Segment contacts by multiple criteria
  • Track Campaign engagement
  • Setup easy nurturing programs

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Email System

We support the way you want to send emails.

  • Built-in email WYSIWYG editor
  • Rich HTML templates
  • Upload templates as zipped files
  • Embedded images support
  • Prefer outlook? use our BCC service
  • Open email & link tracking
  • Email test function
  • Attach documents
  • Mail merge contact details
  • Delivery reports
  • Track bounced & blocked emails

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Software as a Service

We maintain the software so that you don't have to.

  • Centralised Contact Database
  • Individual Databases per SLC customer
  • Azure cloud based SaaS platform
  • Daily Backups stored in triplicate
  • Full data available on request
  • Support for all modern browsers
  • IE9+ (IE8 has limited support)
  • No Software to install