About Us

Sales Flow Technologies was established in 2008 by Tim and Chris Hoffmann.

The company was born out of the experience of its founder, Tim Hoffmann. Tim (Bachelor of Education – Phys Ed & Math) has had corporate sales experience since 1994.

Since this time, Tim has not only been an avid user of CRM software, but has frequently written his own plug-ins for a range of differing requirements throughout this time.

With his vast sales experience with Fuji Xerox Australia, both as an Account Manager and State Sales Manager, Tim found that despite having an extensive CRM, it didn’t necessarily help him manage his clients, or the clients of his team.

As a result, Tim went to work and initially produced a piece of software he called Clik’n Ezy which has now been developed over the last 5 years to become Saleslifecycle.com. The focus throughout this time has been managing Sales life cycle Management.

Throughout this journey, Chris (Bachelor of Engineering (AT&T)) has provided initial programming and has continued in the role of CTO.

Sales Flow Technologies is 100% focussed on developing sales and sales management tools to help businesses increase sales, and improve customer loyalty and is a proud member of the BizSpark program.